• With Love From Nashville

    This morning in my daily gratitude devotional book, I read these words... "He is our hope and our comfort when we are broken. He can redeem the tra...

    Geeking out over here because it’s 2.18.20. Don’t you just love it when dates add up?! Today felt like a lucky day to share some exciting news wit...
  • Christmas Gift Guide

    Christmas is coming and it's time to get gifting! Let us help you find the perfect gifts for most all on your list. Teachers, Sisters, Mommas, Nanas, Aunties, Bible Study Leaders, Co-Workers, and more! We've got ya, gal. Be a SAVVY SANTA: Check out our Christmas Gift Guide below and let's get gifting!

    Alzheimer's Disease impacts almost 6 million Americans. By 2050, the number of people with Alzheimer's is estimated to rise to 14 million. Caregivers spend almost 19 billion hours yearly caring for their loved ones and patients.* 2/3 OF PEOPLE WITH ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE AND 2/3 OF CAREGIVERS ARE WOMEN. These facts make us stop in our tracks. Suddenly, these facts start turning into stories; our stories. This disease touches us all in some way - whether through family, friends, neighbors, our even ourselves.


    Say HELLO to Harper Tote – – the newest addition to Winnefred Austin! Every product we create has its own story. We are thrilled to share Harper’s...

    We’re kicking off celebrating ONE whole year of Winnefred Austin with launching a yearly customer favorite! Seasons of Faith is a monthly desk cal...

    Welcome to Enneagarden Art Print Collection. You asked for enneagram & we answered with fruit & flowers! This enneagram series focuses on each type’s core desire rooted in God’s Word with seeds of encouragement. Enneagram + Garden = Enneagarden. Whether you’re new to the enneagram or a guru on all things 1-9, you belong here. Let’s grow in grace & knowledge together with this tool that plants seeds of awakening for the soul.