I'm Ashley Gossett, author and illustrator of books here at Winnefred Austin. I love a good story, could get lost for hours in an antique store, and won't turn down a local cup of coffee. Hebrews 12:2 is one of my favorite Bible verses, and I've had it framed on a wall in my house since sophomore year of college. Fixing my eyes on Jesus, the pioneer, author, and perfecter of faith. Whenever I hear this verse in a sermon or see it somewhere along the way, I truly believe it's a God wink every time. 

I write captivated by the whimsy of childlike faith, and I create products for families to plant seeds of faith in their littlest ones. All the while, my hope is to spark childlike faith and creativity in us big people too. After all, we're all God's kids, created in His image for good works. draw all of my illustrations by hand with a blend of marker and colored pencil. Every story takes its own adventure when illustrations come to life on the page, and it's the most fun! 

With over ten years of product and content creation experience, my passion for developing faith-based products that are both functional and beautiful keeps growing. After graduating from Samford University in 2019, I self-published Daily Bread, my first children's book, in 2020. Since then, I have self-published two additional titles for children, Joyful Noise (2021) and Starlight and Sun (2022). Most recently, I illustrated Different By Design by Monica Mangiacapra, which released in 2024. 

For us big people living childlike faith and whimsy at heart, I regularly post on Winnefred Austin's blog. Some of my seasonal blog series include Scripture Seeds for Lent, Joyful Blessings for Advent, Summer Psalms, Morning Glory day beginners, and more.

Welcome in! I'm so grateful you're here in this little corner. Thank you for tagging along! Want to connect? Send me a message here