In January 2015, my very first Seasons of Faith calendar began. I was starting my last semester of senior year in high school. In late 2014 when a customer asked if I could make a calendar with Bible verses, Seasons of Faith came to life. With so many changes just over the horizon, it felt right create something to remind myself and others, in every season, the Lord is faithful. 
Looking back at that first year, I can't help but laugh. I brought a few home-printed calendars to a junior league show and sold out immediately! That night, my mom and I stayed up late printing as many calendars as my printer would allow...before it totally died on the spot. Yikes! Ever since then, I've trusted a local printing company to handle the heavy lifting, ha! When I say I believe the Lord delights in small beginnings, it's because I've lived it in so many ways.
Oh, friend! Looking back at each year, He was faithful then, and He is still faithful now. Even more - His faithfulness continues! From generation to generation, and season to season, great is His faithfulness. His mercies are new each and every morning. (Lamentations 3 tells us so.) As we start a new day, week, month, year, let's proclaim His faithfulness together. Seasons of life are constantly changing, but His steadfastness is rock solid. I don't know about you, but that's where I want to stand in the midst of change.
We know well that seasons change because we've all lived it. Maybe we're even living it right now. The joyful and the hard, the lightning fast and the seemingly never-ending, the sweet and not so, the busy and the mundane, the mix of every single big and little thing. But through it all, yes! The Lord is faithful. I don't want to miss it.
No matter where you are today or what your season looks like, you are not alone! Our stories always intersect in God-wink ways, even if we're navigating totally different ones. Bob Goff says to be where your feet are. When we look around, it's my prayer that we'd find good company right there. God's Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Psalm 119:105.) Even days that feel like nights are not left in darkness with our Lord. He lights up our path day and night. Not only does He go before us, but He walks right alongside us, too. And He brings people in our corner for purpose. What if we saw our current season with a wide angle lens, not only for us, but for someone else who needs our story and perspective in the future? All for God's glory! I pray we'd find ourselves wrapped in grace that covers us completely, regardless of season or circumstance.
So as I look back over these years and 10 calendar editions, I also want to look forward too. Let's look ahead in gratitude together. I believe, with a hope rooted so deep down in the Gospel, that good things are coming. Thank you for being here in my little corner! I'm so excited to share 2024 Seasons of Faith calendar with you, and prayerfully many more fun and encouraging products to come!
As His faithful hand ever-reaches out to hold us and keep us, would we reach back to the One who never changes. In every season, the Lord is faithful. May it be so. 

Find 2024 Seasons of Faith here!

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