Hedgie-Pie-YAY, it's book launch day!

Hi friends! Daily Bread is officially here!! I'm just giddy to finally have these books in our hands. Made in the USA from first pencil lines to final packaging, we can't wait for Daily Bread to find its home at your table!

Daily Bread is a mealtime prayer book for kids and the kids alive in us. Coming to the table is a special way to gather. When we pray before meals, we invite the Lord into our space and true community builds. The table becomes a safe place to bring everything faced from the day and leave it there. 
At its beginning, Daily Bread introduces table time prayers with the Lord's Prayer from Matthew when Jesus teaches it to His disciples. Then, it explains step-by-step how to create your own mealtime prayers. The following sections organize 48 prayerfully written mealtime prayers by theme. Reading levels are appropriate for readers of most any age with the guidance of a loved one if needed.
Daily Bread was inspired by many family dinners growing up with our favorite "God is great, God is good" prayer. As families have been home and sharing meals (perhaps more this year than ever), I started to think....what if we could have more prayers for every meal and every day? Whether it's a sunny day, a holiday, or a day we need an extra helping of hope -- Daily Bread seeks to bring those words to the table. 
Gather around the table! Before it's time to eat, choose a prayer to share or make your own. What matters more than what’s on the table is what’s in the heart. Begin with His Name and end with Amen. We'll all pray together, both family and friend! 
Children spark inspiration in a special way, unlike any of us big people. They remind us we are all God’s kids — created in His image for good works. Find Daily Bread on our shop here!
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