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    Christmas is coming and it's time to get gifting! Let us help you find the perfect gifts for most all on your list. Teachers, Sisters, Mommas, Nanas, Aunties, Bible Study Leaders, Co-Workers, and more! We've got ya, gal. Be a SAVVY SANTA: Check out our Christmas Gift Guide below and let's get gifting!

    Alzheimer's Disease impacts almost 6 million Americans. By 2050, the number of people with Alzheimer's is estimated to rise to 14 million. Caregivers spend almost 19 billion hours yearly caring for their loved ones and patients.* 2/3 OF PEOPLE WITH ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE AND 2/3 OF CAREGIVERS ARE WOMEN. These facts make us stop in our tracks. Suddenly, these facts start turning into stories; our stories. This disease touches us all in some way - whether through family, friends, neighbors, our even ourselves.


    Antique stores are gold mines filled with treasure just waiting to be found. Redemptive mother churches of old stuff. The more glorious aisles of booths, the more piles of stuff, the better! Chances are if I’m not drawing or working or wearing one of my many business hats, I’m SO down for going there. I’ll get my keys and my tennis shoes, let’s go! Antique stores are my favorite place to spend an afternoon when I’m in need of inspiration, a history lesson, or just soul space.

    Good morning, it’s God’s morning! How do you start your day? The first thing I do before getting out of bed is I look at the Bible verse of the day on my phone. Yes, even before social media and messages. I’ve intentionally made it a habit over the past few years and it’s a game CHANGER. I challenge you! It’s not any kind of fancy Bible study or trendy app. But I like it that way. I crave the simplicity this verse of the day brings. 

  • 23

    Today is my 23rd birthday. Psalm 23 feels extra fitting for me in these days, not to mention it’s also my new age. I fully acknowledge 23 sounds “sooooo young!!!” to some of you. *gasp!* One day I’ll be laughing about that too. But I often wonder how I got here so fast! In this very moment, I have never been this old and I will never be this young ever again. No matter your age, I’m sure you can relate to this crazy paradox.

    A year ago I was starting my senior year of college. Fast forward to this year…I find myself driving down the same road, but my car isn’t filled to the top with bedding and clothes and all the school things I “need” to survive sorority house living. Instead I pass the gates of campus with alum status and an expired campus parking decal. (Not to mention a degree. Yippeee!)

    Friends are like pennies from heaven. This phrase tugged at my heart a few days ago after doing a Winnefred Austin tote bag photoshoot. I brought along 3 dear friends for modeling and photographing. Even though none of them had met before, we were a bunch of giggling little girls by the time the photos were finished. 


    Good morning, it’s God’s morning! I’ve been out of town for a tour de Tennessee the past few days, so it’s good to be home and take a deep breath. ...

    Good morning, friends – Or should I say afternoon…ha! It’s one of those days when there are NOT enough hours in the morning. But I’m glad you are here all the same! I came across these verses yesterday. It never ceases to amaze me how God’s Word speaks life into our every day – exactly when we need it. These words from Philippians brought so much encouragement to me, and I wanted to pass them along to you.

    August breathes in lazy sweet summer days and breathes out new pencils and paper and books. All the glorious school supplies sum up the dreams of my elementary school days when August rolled around. But if we’re being real here – stocking up on school supplies was my favorite back-to-school ritual all the way through senior year of college. 

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