Good Morning Glory! Happy Wednesday. This morning I want to share these verses from Mark 4. The subtitle in my Bible calls the passage, “Jesus Calms the Storm.” 35 As evening came, Jesus said to his disciples, “Let’s cross to the other side of the lake.” 36 So they took Jesus in the boat and started out, leaving the crowds behind (although other boats followed). 37 But soon a fierce storm came up. High waves were breaking into the boat, and it began to fill with water. 


    Good Morning Glory! The past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about kindness. I recently started teaching kids Sunday School at my church. The lesson I just taught was about King David’s kindness to Jonathan and his son, Mephilboseth. (Try pronouncing Mephilboseth to a bunch of 1st and 2nd graders…ha). The Bible story came from 2 Samuel 9.


    I have always been an early morning gal – I love mornings & the new possibility each day brings. My day starts with scripture & coffee, & this morning I thought to myself…what if I could share that time with a friend like you, too? So here’s my first Morning Glory: a few verses, some words, & a prayer from times passed to remind us that God is the same through every generation. Every morning we can rise & shine & give God the glory because He makes us new each day.


    Welcome to Enneagarden Art Print Collection. You asked for enneagram & we answered with fruit & flowers! This enneagram series focuses on each type’s core desire rooted in God’s Word with seeds of encouragement. Enneagram + Garden = Enneagarden. Whether you’re new to the enneagram or a guru on all things 1-9, you belong here. Let’s grow in grace & knowledge together with this tool that plants seeds of awakening for the soul. 


    I write today with piles of markers, pencils, papers, and notebooks with left-handed scribbled words piled high on my desk. I’m neck deep in product development these days. To an outsider, my studio desk looks nothing short of an Alabama tornado or a Gulf hurricane – – but this is what I bring to the table today. So whatever you are bringing to the table, let it be there. I’m a full believer that God works in processes (and messy tables too!)

    I made a new friend named Alys during my week at the beach. She’s all kinds of classy with a side of sandy toes and iced coffee. I couldn’t help but want to fit in and be just like her. Perhaps you’ve met her too?

    It’s hard to believe that just about a week ago, I was walking across the stage to graduate college. For a day I prepared over the course of four years, it was one of the fastest days ever! It was such a special day surrounded by my closest people – – one I will treasure for a long time. I am incredibly thankful to have been recognized as Samford University’s Outstanding Entrepreneur and Who’s Who. Yes, the tassel was worth the hassle as they say!

    It’s Maundy Thursday, friends! Spring is in full bloom and I am soaking in every drop of sweet Alabama sunshine in between rain (not to mention 4am storm wake-up calls). This Lent season has been the fastest whirlwind of senior year of college ending, and a new season of life post-graduation beginning. Easter comes later this year than usual – – just a few short weeks before all the graduation festivities. But I’m glad, because I am reminded through this Lent and graduation season that we are a sent people. 

    I had lunch with a friend today at a favorite local place. We talked about what it’s (really) like starting and running a company as a twenty-something year old with a passion and a dream. To be honest, it’s not easy. But every part is worth it completely. Even when comparison is loud. Even when striving feels like it’s taking over. Even when doubt creeps in. It’s worth it because it’s the vessel through which the Lord shines through with the gifts He has graciously given. It’s the way I live purposefully; to the praise of His glory. And that bring so much joy.
  • LENT

    For the first year ever, Lent has my full attention. I’ve always known it’s the season leading up to Easter, but I have never truly pressed in every day from Ash Wednesday up to Easter Sunday. Anyone else relate? Some say Lent is like Advent, but in the spring for Easter instead of Christmas. Others say it’s that time when you give up something like chocolate or Instagram…I agree, but I am learning there is so much more to this season, and the purpose goes far beyond the act of “giving something up.” 

    In the past year, I have been to Haiti twice. Yes, both were vacations – – BUT through both times I was there, God opened my eyes to the unimaginable need in this country. I still cannot wrap my mind around how somewhere so beautiful can be suffering from such extreme poverty. Things I will never, ever fully come to understand. Since then, I have felt a pull to help children there. (Side note. If you don’t know me – – children are one of my greatest passions. I was actually planning on becoming a teacher before I felt called to follow my dream of starting a business!) 

    Yippeeee! We’re celebrating half a year of Winnefred Austin this weekend – – can you believe it?! Time flies when you’re having fun, friends. Thank you for joining us on this adventure as our story unfolds a little more every day! The Lord has been faithful in showing me a lot in these early days of Winnefred Austin. Our last post talks about my word for 2019, BETHEL, and it’s amazing how much meaning and revelation can be packed into one little word.