Within your heart you can make plans for your future, but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there. -Proverbs 16:9 9 TPT Hindsight is 2020 — literally — this year. Looking back at the past decade can give so much insight into how to prayerfully walk into the new decade ahead. 


    The other night I had my first post grad “forgot to study for a test” dream. Of course, in my dream I got my test back and had royally failed it. A...

    One of my last endeavors of the decade was *finally* sitting down and reading a book. The last month of this year has been a whirlwind. My rhythms ...

    Christmas is one week from today, and Advent season has absolutely flown by. Over the past few weeks I’ve been compiling little revelations along t...
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    Today is my 23rd birthday. Psalm 23 feels extra fitting for me in these days, not to mention it’s also my new age. I fully acknowledge 23 sounds “sooooo young!!!” to some of you. *gasp!* One day I’ll be laughing about that too. But I often wonder how I got here so fast! In this very moment, I have never been this old and I will never be this young ever again. No matter your age, I’m sure you can relate to this crazy paradox.

    A year ago I was starting my senior year of college. Fast forward to this year…I find myself driving down the same road, but my car isn’t filled to the top with bedding and clothes and all the school things I “need” to survive sorority house living. Instead I pass the gates of campus with alum status and an expired campus parking decal. (Not to mention a degree. Yippeee!)

    Friends are like pennies from heaven. This phrase tugged at my heart a few days ago after doing a Winnefred Austin tote bag photoshoot. I brought along 3 dear friends for modeling and photographing. Even though none of them had met before, we were a bunch of giggling little girls by the time the photos were finished. 


    August breathes in lazy sweet summer days and breathes out new pencils and paper and books. All the glorious school supplies sum up the dreams of my elementary school days when August rolled around. But if we’re being real here – stocking up on school supplies was my favorite back-to-school ritual all the way through senior year of college. 

    I write today with piles of markers, pencils, papers, and notebooks with left-handed scribbled words piled high on my desk. I’m neck deep in product development these days. To an outsider, my studio desk looks nothing short of an Alabama tornado or a Gulf hurricane – – but this is what I bring to the table today. So whatever you are bringing to the table, let it be there. I’m a full believer that God works in processes (and messy tables too!)

    I made a new friend named Alys during my week at the beach. She’s all kinds of classy with a side of sandy toes and iced coffee. I couldn’t help but want to fit in and be just like her. Perhaps you’ve met her too?

    It’s hard to believe that just about a week ago, I was walking across the stage to graduate college. For a day I prepared over the course of four years, it was one of the fastest days ever! It was such a special day surrounded by my closest people – – one I will treasure for a long time. I am incredibly thankful to have been recognized as Samford University’s Outstanding Entrepreneur and Who’s Who. Yes, the tassel was worth the hassle as they say!

    It’s Maundy Thursday, friends! Spring is in full bloom and I am soaking in every drop of sweet Alabama sunshine in between rain (not to mention 4am storm wake-up calls). This Lent season has been the fastest whirlwind of senior year of college ending, and a new season of life post-graduation beginning. Easter comes later this year than usual – – just a few short weeks before all the graduation festivities. But I’m glad, because I am reminded through this Lent and graduation season that we are a sent people.