Friends are like pennies from heaven.

This phrase tugged at my heart a few days ago after doing a Winnefred Austin tote bag photoshoot. I brought along 3 dear friends for modeling and photographing. Even though none of them had met before, we were a bunch of giggling little girls by the time the photos were finished. It makes my heart explode when my friends become friends too!! It really is crazy to stop and think about how friendships come to be, and what a life-giving gift they are.

Times like these make me stop and think about my penny people – You know, the friends who bring you a little happy on a hard day and surprise joy when you need it most. These are the people who meet you on the sidewalk at your feet no matter where you are – and you’d do the same! You might not be expecting it, but you know they’ll show up again and again. Whether you see them daily or even if it’s been a minute, you always pick right back up where you left off. Compared to pennies that might not have a high “dollar value,” these penny people are priceless.

I felt so filled after this photoshoot of laughs, stories, “where do I put my arm” and sweating through September Alabama heat. And that’s what we’re all about here at Winnefred Austin. Okay maybe not the sweats, but the sisterhood. The community of Jesus-lovin gals who get together with purpose and beautiful imperfection. The rally around coming as you are and being welcome here.

Who are your penny people? Make a list, put it in the jar of your heart, fill it with those pennies as often as possible.

My photographer friend is the incredibly talented Meghan Murphy Gray. She radiates Jesus and all things joyful. She’s telling her story and helping others tell theirs along the way. I’m so thankful for the moments she captured in telling Winnefred Austin’s story. Give her a shout on the ‘gram (@megbmurphy) and find her fine art photography at

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