Two of my most feared words as a business owner are lost packages.

If you’re like me and thrive off of tracking packages online as they are mailed, then these words are definitely not something you’d want to hear. I find so much excitement in watching my package’s journey from point A to my doorstep.  It reminds me how much goes into the smallest things just to reach me–then I’m reminded of God’s love and pursuit in the shape of a cardboard box.  I’m always sending and receiving mail. It’s routine and familiar and usually easy–that is, until something goes wrong.

I had been eagerly waiting for our newest shipment of Austin Tote bags (just in time for Market and the Christmas season!). Then I noticed my tracking number was not routed to my door, but to an entirely different state. Phone calls, online chats, e-mails, and still nothing could stop those packages from going to the completely wrong address. 

Hold the phone! I was business gal freaking out for the love of tote bags. I thought they were gone with no way to return.

Finally, a kind soul from the shipping company connected me to the person who accidentally received my packages. I took a leap and gave her a call. Hold the phone again! She indeed had received them. The most beautiful part is she is a business owner, too! Out of kindness, she mailed them back to me. 

These moments that spanned over a matter of weeks remind me that nothing is lost from God’s sight. Not me, not you, not even lost packages. God calls us by name and we are His own, forever, eternally, found in Him. Instead of relying on a tracking number somewhere in the world placed on your life, fix your eyes on Jesus. He alone says who we are, knows who we are, and he meets us there. Even when we feel lost, He gives us peace beyond all understanding and a path to follow. 

Sometimes, He sends people in our path to help show us the way when we can’t see where to go next. Because of these lost packages, I am filled with hope that nothing and no one has to be lost forever.

Listen to the Lord who created you. O Israel, the one who formed you says, “Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine.” -Isaiah 43:1

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