My grandfather shared a story with me that Billy Graham shared with him. It went a little something like this — Albert Einstein was on a train. When the conductor asked for his ticket, he couldn’t find it anywhere! He looked high and low, all around his seat. The conductor assured him, “It’s alright, Albert!” We know who you are. We trust your ticket is valid so don’t worry about it. But he didn’t give up looking. He even got down on his hands and knees to search under his seat. Again, the conductor assured Albert and asked, “Why are you still looking for your ticket?” Albert answered, “Because I need to know where I’m going.” 
The point of Billy Graham sharing this story is this: Unlike Albert on the train, we as believers know where we are going. 
Psalms 139:9-10 says, “If I ride on the wings of the morning, or dwell by the farthest oceans, even there Your hand will guide me, and Your strength will support me.” 
No matter where we go on this side of heaven, the Lord goes before us and is with us. What’s more? We know where we are going because we know where He is today. In this Psalm, David is saying that literally we cannot escape God’s presence. Whether we get up early, hide out at an ocean on the edge of the earth — even in the darkest places, God’s hand guides and supports us. The gift of His presence is ever-near. Oh, would we acknowledge His closeness and not try to hide. No shame, no mistakes, no sin can keep Him away when those who love Christ Jesus call on His Name. The world may feel like a ride on a crazy train some days, or a lot of days if we’re being real. But we have hope because we know where we’re going. We aren’t without a ticket, but it’s a ticket we never can purchase or work to earn. Once lost without a destination, Jesus came to freely save us and bring us home to the Father so we may always be where He is. Our ticket is punched by the blood of Jesus. Where are you going?
Listen to stories with your grandparents, filled with wisdom and Truth pointing us homeward. Sharing Truth and light of the Gospel invites the Holy Spirit into our midst, drawing our hearts into closeness with Him and fellowship with one another. May it be so.  

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  • Thank you for sharing this story as a reminder of God’s love and plan for us. Perfect timing for me (and others) to read, and trust this. ;)

    Pam Landefeld

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