I woke up at 1am this Palm Sunday to lighting and torrential rain and claps of thunder. It was our first night fully moved into our new home and all I wanted was to rest my feet and legs that carried boxes up and down stairs between two houses in two states. It was a rainy whirlwind of a moving day and we were exhausted. And yet, I jumped out of bed with my phone flashlight and ran down the stairs to the front door when I heard the storm. Two ferns from our wedding flailed in the wind like palm branches in a hurricane. I just put them out on the porch TODAY I thought frantically. They can’t die on me yet!! My husband gets the award of the year. He was soon right by my side hauling the two drenched ferns into the garage. Yes, we have the doorbell camera video to prove it, and no, I won’t be posting it! 
With our crazy effort to save our ferns on the dawn of Palm Sunday, I’ve been reading John 12 when a crowd welcomed Jesus with palm branches and shouts saying “Hosanna! Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” 
Hosanna means ‘save us.’ 
Just like the ferns needed a rescue from the flood rains, think how much more rescue our hearts need from the storms of life. But you know what makes us so very different from these front porch porch ferns? We can try to hide from the rain, but we cannot find true rest and salvation without our Savior. We need our Hosanna. Only He can save us. No storm is too big for Him. He is with us in through every soaking moment. We need friends to pull us inside when the storms of life surround us — but the friend we have in Jesus goes far beyond our ability and understanding. 
Together, let’s carry palm branches (and maybe a fern or two), pointing each other back to the coming of our King. Palms signify joy and victory. May it be so over storms and struggles. 
Hosanna in the highest indeed. 

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