Lucy, my '09 ride or die decided to play dead last Wednesday morning. It was early and I was getting ready for a run — a Target run, that is. How could it be? Her battery wasn’t that old, right? Car repairs always feel like they were just done yesterday and we cross our fingers they never, ever come around again. Thank goodness I was at home! Several failed start attempts and a jump start later, I was on my way that afternoon (with the help of some dear people) to an auto shop. As we exited the interstate, I noticed something streaming out from the hood of my car and flying back up at the windshield.  A cloud of white smoke flooded out once we opened the hood. Good grief — what else could be wrong?! Long story short, after an incorrect broken radiator diagnosis, Lucy’s air conditioner went kaput right in time for our first summer in Tennessee. But you know what’s crazier than that? Her battery miraculously was completely fine. She came back to life with one battery jump! It’s still a mystery to me. 
You know how every time you head to the checkout line in a store everyone seems to get the same idea at once? I’m pretty sure that’s how it works for car repairs too. I waited almost a week! I never realized how much we bank our independence on having a car. Most of the time we don’t think twice before getting in and hitting the road. Friend, if we rely on cars this much, how much more should we rely on the One who never dies or leaves us stranded in the garage — the faithfulness of the Lord. Goodness how much does He use everyday mundane things like car troubles to remind me to rely on Him while growing in grace and knowledge along the way. (1 Peter 3:18) Because by the way — I learned more about cars in the past week than I ever have! 
Lucy reminded me of Lazarus’ story in John 11: car edition. She was dead and nothing I could do by my own strength would bring her back to life. Now, Lucy is a car and isn’t even close to the miracle of Lazarus coming back to life. But stay with me here — After jump starting the car with cables and going to the repair shop, she didn’t need a new battery after all! She needed a jolt to wake her up.  
These last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about being awake in our hearts and minds. Sometimes I catch myself awake but not present going about my day in full on autopilot mode. Do you ever drive somewhere and wonder how in the world you got there? Yep, me too. Friend, we need Jesus to wake us up! We need to reset the battery of our soul to solely seek fuel from the One who always provides. Jesus died so we may have new life and life abundantly! (John 10:10) We need to be renewed by transforming the way we think. (Romans 12:2)
Scripture, writing, drawing, sharing the Word, time with my people, morning coffee, fresh flowers, beach weekends. What makes you come alive? The Lord is ever-patiently reminding me how much prayer and quiet time not only recharge my soul, but fuel the other callings that make me feel most alive and present. What about you? Take time to find it and do lots of that. It all starts with Jesus and His Word. May it be so.

Wake up sleeper. Rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.

-Ephesians 5:14

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