I don't know who needs to hear this today -- but I'm right here with you! I could say a lot of things -- we're in the middle of a pandemic, wedding planning, building a house, in between everything kind of season. Lots of excitement, learning curves, anticipation, new beginnings, unknown tomorrows. But what I need more than any coffee cheers to growing up is what I know is true and unchanging: Truth words straight from the heart of God. 

Are you worried? Nervous excited? Waiting for change? Overwhelmed? Weary? Doing all the things? Or maybe none and all of these at once?

Come. Rest.


 Work is good and we're called to it daily. But rest is holy -- and we're wholly called to it just the same. What's more -- like lilies we can still grow even when we rest. I'm learning to take notes from them.

Why is toil and work easier than rest and renewal? Why do we buy into the world's definition of success? Why are we faster to get lost in a Pinterest rabbit hole or social media scroll than to turn off all distractions and sit before the Lord? (And don't get me wrong! Pinterest rabbit holes can be really fun.) But I have to remind myself this: none of these are a place to find true peace and rest.

In the middle of our toil, Jesus tells us a different story. 

Today is just enough for today. He holds tomorrow in His hands, so we need not worry about what has yet to be. We can trade our worry for worship. We can pursue righteousness at the foot of the cross. We can open our hearts and hands to receive the Lord's provision, with full trust that He gives us everything we need. We can focus on today as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the pioneer, author, and perfecter of faith. He leads us every step today, tomorrow, and forever. Yes, today is enough for today. May it be so.

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