One of my favorite sounds in the world is rain on a summer afternoon in June. Each drop hits the tall trees and the deck in my backyard making a concert of typewriter clicks. It’s one of the most comforting sounds. The Lord feels extra close to me in those pop-up rain shower moments, as if to be washing everything around me.
There’s something special about typewriters. Maybe silly to ask, but have you ever typed on one before? My mom has an antique Underwood typewriter and I’ve always been fascinated by it. The click of each letter makes the most satisfying tap and thrilling ding at the end of each row. Little cheers of victory along the way as if to say — hooray! Another line! You did it. Keep going! But typewriters require a stroke of intentionality unlike the keyboard I’m typing away on now. As it is, I’ve hit backspace about 18 times just to get the write letters to form on the page. Typewriters are different. More permanent. One false move and a letter is misspelled, a sentence is left unfinished, a phrase is improperly “grammared.” Instead of simply hitting “delete” or “backspace” we must call in the whiteout or completely start over. 
Sometimes our lives feel the same way. One false stroke of the key and that’s it. We’re done for. Our story has been written in smudged typewriter ink. We can’t help but wonder “What if I had typed a different key?” “How do I fix it?" But God tells us a different story — one written with grace colored ink. 
We can’t rewrite the past. We can begin right where we are. And we can write on. We can fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author, and the Perfecter of faith (Hebrews 12:2). We can co-write with the God who is with us through every chapter. His name is written on our hearts (Jeremiah 31:33). And we can write His name on the doorposts of our home and our gates (Deuteronomy 6:9). 
Oh, how I need these words as I write them, friend. Winnefred Austin is sold out of tote bags. I’ve been waiting, listening, praying — where next? What now? More totes or something different? I feel the words...write on the doorposts of our hearts…in this time of transition. I’ve been tracing threads of faithfulness over our past going on 3 years of business. A new chapter for Winnefred Austin is beginning. I’m so excited you’re here — we’re here together — for such a time as this. Perhaps a new chapter is starting for you. I’m right with ya! It’s exciting, daunting, crazy-eyes emoji all at once.
There are many outcomes, adventures, relationships, answered prayers that have yet to be on this side of heaven, but God is already at work on them. He is preparing the way ahead to lead us there. He is building community here through us, and all the while bringing us closer to Him. Should we press in, adjust our lens, loosen the grip  in humility we will find Him when we seek Him. We will find He has been there all along, writing His story of redemption in us and through us. 
Wondering where to go from here? Me too. But I’m starting with what I know to be true: God’s Word. I’m writing it on my heart and trusting He will send it out beyond my doors and your doors. 

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