These days my yard has an overabundance of leaves. Timely and expected, yet it still amazes me to see them continuing to fall day after day. My family spends afternoons raking leaves fully knowing more will fall the next day. Or the next hour if we’re being honest.

A few weeks ago as I was blowing leaves across the driveway with a handy dandy leaf blower, I kept noticing that I was struggling to get the leaves to go in the direction I was aiming. I would aim and the leaves would scatter in every direction as if falling from a tree for the first time. They were stubbornly resisting the direction I was trying to make them go.

Then in my leaf-blowing frenzy I realized something — I am one of those leaves sometimes. I am prone to wander. I want to direct the wind to push me here or there. Other times I resist wind coaxing me to go. I run from change. I think I know what I need. Yet the direction is not always what I had planned in the end. Maybe you can relate?

Instead of chasing (or other times running from) the wind, what if I turned my face towards the source of the wind? What if my soul is yearning for a much deeper breath of air than any worldly wind can provide? More than any wind could stir up on its own?

So I turn to God, the source of the wind. He who is never changing regardless of seasons changing or leaves falling. I run to Jesus who calms raging winds and storms. And I find peace there. I find that no matter where wind blows, my soul and my home are secure. The One who puts wind in my sails is true to His character. He leads and guides through gentle winds and hurricanes. He’s already made a way for this little leaf.

When I look up from my leaf pile just south of branch, I let go to the wind and trust God. Then, I fly.

Let go, friend, and trust God. Let’s fly together.

“Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” -Isaiah 40:31

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