“Now, if anyone is enfolded into Christ, he has become an entirely new person. All that is related to the old order has vanished. Behold, everything is fresh and new.” -2 Corinthians 5:17 TPT

Antique stores are gold mines filled with treasure just waiting to be found. Redemptive mother churches of old stuff. The more glorious aisles of booths, the more piles of stuff, the better! Chances are if I’m not drawing or working or wearing one of my many business hats, I’m SO down for going there. I’ll get my keys and my tennis shoes, let’s go! Antique stores are my favorite place to spend an afternoon when I’m in need of inspiration, a history lesson, or just soul space.

What I love most about these places is what has been tossed out and no longer wanted is given a new chance for life in a different way. Antique stores do not make things younger; instead “vintageness” is celebrated. Nostalgia is charming. Value is perhaps more than when it was brand new, who knew?! It really makes me wonder if my iPod from elementary school will be “retro” someday. I’m holding onto it just in case.

When I think about all the times I’ve wandered through antique stores and all the delightful treasures I’ve brought home, I can’t help but think about new life born out of the past. New opportunities. New chapters. New adventures. The 1960’s radio (that still works, thank you!), the white wooden bench, the Roy Acuff LP, and many more – all came from different homes and places over decades of time. One way or another they ended up in an antique store booth for me to stumble across one day. Hooray! There’s nothing quite like the excitement of finding something long searched for, or if we’re being honest, something I never knew I “couldn’t live without” until I saw it. (I’m looking at YOU vintage red toy cash register!)

But you know what made me stop (other than being tired from walking around at least a hundred booths)? It’s the thought that we are those antiques – along for the ride an adventure called life. One day we realize we’re not the same as we used to be – we’ve gotten older. Circumstances have changed. Life has changed. Maybe those jeans are a little out of style. Maybe you still love them anyway. But we still feel the same on the inside in spirit. Perhaps we’re a bit wiser. And we definitely have light that has life to live! 

I have heard I am an old soul. I feel that, and I’m pressing in. Something inside me resonates with antiques. I want new life, redemption, adventure, and a touch of timelessness. And you know what? I can find that; we can find that with Jesus. He is making all things new – me and you! He goes beyond repurposing a typewriter with no more ink and sticky keys. He goes beyond second chances – He makes us completely NEW. Whether we’re in elementary school, just out of college, newly married, raising kids, babysitting grandkids, working, traveling, retiring, you name it – Jesus makes us brand new in every season of life we face. Actually, his mercies are new every morning! No matter how worn down, aged, or well-traveled we find ourselves, we can turn to our God who never changes. He is the same through every generation; an eternal promise in life we can place our every hope. And we don’t have to go rifling through antique stores to find this kind of hope – it’s a gift that’s already ours; victory Jesus already won! We are wired for redemption; new life like those antiques. But it can’t be found on a shelf of an antique store booth. It’s written in our hearts; woven into the very fabric of our being. It can only be fulfilled by Jesus. He makes us fresh and new today and everyday to come.

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