In a summer is coming attempt to drink more water, I treated myself to a cute water bottle with a pop up spout and straw. I literally could not get over how cool the concept was. Sitting next to my computer and planner, I sipped fancy water while I worked. Not even an hour later, I reached for my water as I was leaving the room and tipped it over. Turns out a no-leak water bottle still spills when the top is open! Water splashed ALL OVER my planner with pages open to this crazy written all over week. Frantically, I grabbed paper towels and mopped up the mess. I couldn’t help but laugh (and kind of cry inside if we’re being honest) at the looks of my planner - ink smudges and all. You see, this week I’ve been running around like wild preparing for MAGIC trade show. As a last minute addition (picture me that one time chasing down the cruise ship my family and I almost missed that one time), it’s been a lot.

And yet, I truly believe the Lord planned it from the start. This market is no surprise to Him. My frantic planning isn’t either. The watermarks on my planner reminded me this truth: the Lord holds my plans and gives me living water. I wasn’t supposed to be at this market. Booth space was full and it was super duper short notice. It seemed impossible. But God. He made a way in every way — literally, financially, physically. I need water to keep going, of course we all do! But Jesus says to come for Him for a real drink and we’ll never thirst. (John 14:14) Living water flows from His heart! (John 7:38) Praise be. I don’t know about you — what you need today or what you’re waiting on — but Jesus says this to you and me: come, drink. As I write these words now I can tell you time is extra precious today. There’s much to be done. But I don’t want to miss what truly matters. I don’t want to forget where my strength comes from. My clumsy water-dropping hands can testify strength is not mine. May it be so.

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